Tiny Mining

Day six – diary

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Sunday – the day of gold!

  • Ingestion
  • Computation/algorithm
  • Excretion

Pee semiconductor! I’m still thinking on the relation of computation (and not just materially) to the cycles of Tiny Mining and the descent into the physical mine – the maps of that descent in silver, in gold

Checking the silver nitrate tests – with breath showing a long worm descent and one smaller worm. Control is not so interesting. Control container was very clear, breath as yesterday showing a few small crystals in otherwise clear solution and urine is silver/grey.

Bright, golden sunlight in the studio casting small rainbow in the heavy metal HM1 sensor protocol.

Preparing for the last potentiostat/voltammetric test with this morning’s sample (today it is un-refrigerated). So we first measure pH – 6.2 of undiluted urine.  We start we new electrode, new conditioning solution and conditioning steps. Still no lead:

And while cleaning up, as if to signal the conclusion of mining activities – while clearing up I dropped the pH probe on the floor. It shattered without a sound.

Again more aware of the evening light, bare trees against the sky.