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antimony 40Hz

filed under: Antimony written by: Theun

A while ago the excellent QuantaMagazine featured an article on the benefits of sound to brain health. More specifically the beneficial frequency of 40Hz for removing inflammation from the brain by promoting the immune system. (With some speculation of broader use.)

For inner crystallisation during this last day of chelation, I’ll do three sessions of 15minutes of listening to 40Hz.

The experience:

The 40Hz is a low warm humm. It seems to go deeper as the session goes on. This must be beneficial to crystallisation! At least it seems to make the process tangible. In the first session I think there was sometimes also a slight resonance in the thyroid and lyrinx.  What is most interesting in the sessions is the experience just after removing the headphones. There is something residual happening in the silence. The ears seem to make sounds themselves now. Over a period of about 2 minutes this subsides.