Tiny Mining

Day Five – diary

filed under: Lead written by: Martin

The breath and urine silver nitrate tests are quite different – the urine sample particularly stays as a darker deposit in the beaker whereas the breath is clear in the beaker with more uptake (aspiration!) into the paper!

The breath paper is darker and much more golden.


The blue B marks breath – so the second image is close up of a breath “eye”.

Will try again with breath, urine and control sample (just silver nitrate). Here is breath sample in progress:


And today’s sensafe test strip:

Another potentiostat test today – this time with fresh conditioner and a new electrode. pH was adjusted with 10mL of 5M acetic acid to around 4 – but the pee was quite cold so maybe this effects the measurement.



Still no lead after chelation:

Now I will also try a sample of lead just to see. So here for 5ppm lead we have:

which presents quite a different image. More chelation is needed perhaps or over a longer period of time.