Tiny Mining

Day five – chelation dreams

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Two dream fragments from last night which relate to these sweatshop days (typing these notes as I drink early afternoon chelation smoothie and after one EDTA capsule):

  1. Two containers (large, glass or plastic) whose mostly liquid contents need to be sorted out somehow. I am immersed in both containers but also in the room (an underground gothic club). Constantly large white feathered birds like ducks or geese flap over me and push me down, struggling to get away. I have to grab them and throw them off but I’m frightened of harming them. Later I see these white birds tucked into a box, like a christmas present or for nesting. The largest one has an orifice opening like a mouth in its belly for excretion. Like a big mouth we watch. This makes me think of the cycles of Tiny Mining – definitely becoming more aware of ingestion and excretion – again descending and ascending, what is brought into the mine (rain water, air, a mixing of minerals, a churning) and what descends or is excreted as tailings or carried off in those little trains as precious ore. Dispersed thoughts. I am more focused on the materials of ingestion and excretion and a balancing between them. But again, as last night thinking of all this digital processing – of uploading to google docs, the hard drive churning materially, exhausting, of all this material hardware. Tiny Mining needs to be taken off the grid.
  2. I fill my mouth with what I think is the chelation smoothie in order to spit it out into a tray for some process but as I spit it out I realise it is the wrong container I have been drinking from and that I have taken an acid test solution which has small iron or lead balls suspended in it (like in the featured image here from Donum Dei). So I keep on spitting it out but I am worried as it is poisonous although I think that I didn’t swallow anything.

I made a video of the smoothie process – but forgot to add green chilli so today is less tasty than last night’s.

Today’s piss samples are noticeably are darker orange and with a different smell.