Tiny Mining

Antimony – dreaming

filed under: Antimony written by: Theun

The sleep of miners brings forth giants. In this case a giant bumblebee appearing on the horizon ominously.

Dream: from the back of a car I witness a minor car accident, as a car with trailer slides down the side of a road next to us. We head over to inspect. This is a transition to a landscape beyond. Where giants exist. No humanoid giants are observed, just the certainty that they do exist after all. With that satisfying realisation we become aware of a vast (flat Dutch) landscape and looking to the horizon a giant bumblebee becomes apparent. It must be hundreds of meters tall. It’s feet on the earth, it’s bristled back disturbing the clouds. Against the light we see the titanic incest mainly as a silhouette.

According to DreamGlossary:

Bumblebee – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To see a bumblebee
If you see a bumblebee in your dream, it means that you are trying to achieve big success without putting a lot of effort. You are sure that something like that is possible and that hard work is a waste of time. No matter how your intentions are clear, you can’t rely on that at this point. It is time to roll up your sleeves and do something good for your future, instead of living in illusions.