Tiny Mining

Day four – evening diary

filed under: Lead written by: Martin

After finishing today’s studies I already notice the quarter moon outside the studio window. On the last day of the sweatshop it will be half moon.

The last day of the sweatshop in the day of the dead in Germany.

Before the evening zoom with the mining “family” I made and started to drink one chelation smoothie (featured). Also took one EDTA capsule alongside 1000mG vitaminC earlier in the day

Today I was also thinking that during the sweatshop I spend much more time on the computer or phone, uploading or chatting, or answering emails or making video, checking video. More than usual. So the sweatshop which looks at the materiality of technology is also intertwined with its algorithms – with a life of machines, or shutting down and of starting up. During our zoom conversation we were talking about dependencies of metals on others, how one influences the uptake of another, how some are used to purify others. Could this be not be extended to algorithms – what are the metallic or planetary dependencies and affinities within software? Can these also be forms of cooking?

Evening meal was: coriander, chilli and lime chutney, raw beetroot, asparagus, onion and chickpea salad, boiled potatoes and naan bread.