Tiny Mining

Day four – diary

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First day of chelation. Morning expulsion of black, swampy matter. As in the emblem’s title or epigram (modified): I am bathed, sitting in a steam-bath, and freed from the black bile.

This morning around 12 I took the first EDTA – Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid – capsule (600 mg Calcium Disodium EDTA from Arizona Natural Products): https://arizonanatural.com/explore-products/edta/


At 1PM or so I went shopping (mineral water to stay hydrated as recommended) and felt nauseous and dizzy. This could be as I hadn’t eaten anything since 10am following this advice.

“Oral EDTA Recommendations: Take EDTA at least 2 hours apart from any meals or supplements.”

Or it could be connected to the putrid black mussel episode from the previous day. The listed side effects of EDTA do include: EDTA can cause abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, low blood pressure, skin problems, and fever. But there is some question as to how much is absorbed when taken by mouth (non-intravenous).

At the top we have the silver nitrate scans, including a close up scan of yesterday’s comet apparition!

The tree like structures in close up here are from the metal clip used to attach the strip so that it doesn’t flop down. Even though in one case I insulated the strip from the metal (but only with paper so I guess the silver nitrate maybe soaked through). It also occurs to me that the length of the strip and the way it reads vertically with steps and changes is like an image of a descent down a mine, the ascending of the silver nitrate into the moon (or artificial or sun) light.

New silver nitrate tests were placed today on the windowsill with the datura plants. This time I made one with the breath sample (marked B on the tape/container) poured into the silver nitrate solution.

Later in the afternoon, after shopping for coriander, turmeric, green chillis and Naan bread…

I made today’s voltammetric test. After conditioning showed a very high peak at -1.1v I decided to use a fresh electrode. This one showed a peak for lead on the first conditioning but this vanished after second set of conditionings. Tomorrow I will change the conditioner and maybe make a new calibration lead test. pH of the urine sample was adjusted to 4 before running out of the acetic acid buffer. We could aim for a lower pH.

Here’s the graph – still no lead!