Tiny Mining

Day three – evening

filed under: Lead written by: Martin

Lovely evening conversation with the “great family” as Alfonso describes us.

A family not to be invited to any seafood restaurant!

Intrigued by Theun’s mention of 40Hz as a frequency for detox – this is something unexpected we can maybe use. Also perhaps connected to Aniara’s findings on the orbit/speed and rotation/speed of Mercury – two different spans of attention. We should also look at the connections between the metals and planets – Mercury and Iron (Mars) and Antimony and Lead, for example. Interesting also that Dennis mentioned on Telegram after the meeting the uptake of metals by tobacco plants, so this is something we need to think about in the case of smokers.


Dinner: tuna steaks from what is left of original 1kg. 1.5kg mussels with green cabbage or kale – one smelly, foul mussel like a a swamp hopefully not signalling an early end to mining (as Dennis remarked with his dubious seafood vendor in Rotterdam).