Tiny Mining

Day three – dreams

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Two dream fragments which relate to metals and testing – the “becoming indicator” of Tiny Mining.

In the first fragment, in a rustic hallway with bouncing rabbit-bats and real bats feasting on chocolate cake – I am approached by a woman holding a glass with a dark blue ultramarine liquid, stirring this and telling me about a urine test for menstruation.

In the second, on a very straight USA highway, crowded beached on either side a huge truck pulls up, big lettering on the side. The driver jumps down from the cab saying that she has to pee but that we can get ice cream for as cheap as 60 cents. People run over – I am hot and thirsty so I go to the truck. But when I try to pay all my coins are coated in a silver metallic spray. They don’t accept these and even offer for me to take more of the silver sprayed coins which they have. I pay with old, dirtier coins.

In the morning very dark, black almost faeces. lead, putrefaction. Again more from Maier (XII):

So the blackness is Saturn, he is the touchstone of truth … The blackness is a dark haze which covers the stone at the beginning, so it cannot be seen.