Tiny Mining

Day one – dreams

filed under: Lead written by: Martin
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Two fragments of dreams from last night seem relevant to the study (lead) and Tiny Mining.

In the first I’m pissing into a toilet and each stream is accompanied by an intense blue light – like a gas light, and maybe even the smell of gas as if there could be an explosion. This could relate to the use of flame spectroscopy to analyze heavy metals in organic matters (such as hair). The blue would correspond to the colour of a certain metal – such as lead itself or arsenic.

In the second fragment we go past a kiosk (in Cologne) with 2 fresh fish stalls nearby, run by Vietnamese people. Outside one of these stalls there are two older men, scruffily dressed and with red, bruised faces, looking a bit like old English standup comedians. They are there to entice people to come and see/buy the fish. At first they hold up the fish but later they bite pieces of fish and then spit them out, catching them and spreading them on their faces, to make a new face. they lay blue pieces over their eyebrows and other features, making their faces more bruised and blue looking. This relates to the seafood diet for the first three days of the sweatshop. Again a metallic, bruisy blue colour.