Tiny Mining

Day one – diary

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[Previous diet – nothing of note, though I did break the seafood pre-diet rule with 3 oysters and several Bulots on Sunday afternoon.]

Commencing with the first zoom meeting which somehow got shifted from 11.11 planned start to 11.00 in slight nervousness. Unboxing all kits in zoom.

After taking first urine sample with the lead kit to the studio, I visited the grocery wholesaler METRO to pick up oysters (24), mussels (1.4kg), tuna for sashimi (1kg), cabbage (500kg) and habanero chillis. A light misty rain falling. Hipster food trucks repurposed to feed the homeless next to Berlin Ostbahnhof.



Returning to the studio where I took one preliminary hair sample from the back of the head, close to the scalp. I began the silver nitrate test/absorption – following the work of Lilli Kowolski – but the silver nitrate solution turned grey as soon as I added the urine to the solution. This could work better with a breath or a sweat sample.



I then tried to measure lead in one urine sample using the potentiostat/voltametry  Рusing the acetic acid buffer Рslight jagged edges to the plot/outcome.





Evening Mining diet: large tiger prawns (150g), 10 oysters, 200g raw tuna sashimi, brown rice and salad.